Wedding Cake by Str8Organics

Mostly indica-leaning in its effects, Wedding Cake has quickly earned an elite reputation when done right. Here we have those exceptional connoisseur strain genetics, combined with advanced boutique craft cultivation skills, which make this Wedding Cake stand far out from the rest. This is the original top selected pheno cut given from the strain's creator, seedjunkygenetics, given to our partner at Str8Organics - one of the most respected farms and greenthumbs in the game. This is one of those rare strains that you literally do not want to stop looking at, smelling, and consuming. It has a creamy sweet flavor that is absolutely delicious, and its soaring potency combinded with a balaced terpene and cannabinoid profile, will put almost any ailment at ease. Enjoy thse exotics while they last. NOTE: This strain from this farm will typically cost just slightly more in the future (tax topics aside), for clarification and expectation. Cheers!

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